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Vista Roofing Blog

Learn everything you need to know about home improvement and what is going on in the Vista roofing industry.

Buying Tips For A New Roof In Vista CA

The initial step to follow when you are considering getting a new roof is to find out the type of roof that is best for your Vista home. Asphalt shingle roofs are by far the most commonly used options as they are affordable, easy to set-up, and come in various shade options. Tile, slate, and metal options are great too, as long as you intend to stay in the same home for the years to come. All three options are more costly compared to asphalt shingles, but they last remarkable longer–up to a century in some cases.

As you examine the various shingle options on the market, check our extensive reviews to see what are the best performing choices. In CR’s roofing checks, we have realized that some shingle types are 2X as powerful as others and they last longer too. Others look better and come in a wide range of shades to choose from.

Once you have narrowed down your list to a few candidates, go to the manufacturer’s website to find a list of registered roof experts in your area and ask for quotes from a few experts. Keep in mind that some manufacturing companies will commit to their warranty only if you use qualified contractors that they collaborate with. Thus, if you are considering hiring a specific expert, make sure that they are licensed to set up the roofing products of a particular company. You can also ask the roofing company about their shingle suggestions and compare them against your reviews. 

Comparing Estimates From Vista Roofing Contractors

Expenses for a task so large as installing a new roof can vary, even if you install the same type of shingles. Roofing materials are valued on a per-square basis – for instance, a 10-feet by 10-feet area is equal to 100 ft2. If you are getting asphalt shingles, the costs vary from $65/square for the fundamental 3-panel shingles up to $350 per square for multiple layers of shingles. The price of the shingles alone should also be consistent no matter who applies them, however, other relevant costs of labor and supplementary materials should also be included when you compare your quotes.

Some contractors may think that you may slide everything off to the roofing struts, which is a costly process as it results in larger labor charges and added costs to cover the new roofing shielding and felt. Another expert may simply install shingles right on top of the previous ones, which is a less costly process. 

It is therefore paramount to ensure that each quote you get is not only about the same kind of product but the same service as well. It’s best to examine all the costs included in the process: the shingle application costs, the labor costs for getting rid of the previous ones, and a contingency fund that breaks down your costs in case your roofer discovers that the sheathing and felt the need to be changed. Always request references from each expert and ask them whether they back-up their work beyond the warranty offered by the shingle company. Only a few contractors do so, but if your expert covers that, it is much easier to get a repair long-term if you don’t submit a claim with the roofing manufacturing company. 

Examine the Warranty’s Terms

Don’t let the lengthy coverage span of your manufacturer’s warranty fool you – the specific costs covered are more significant than the coverage period. For instance, a 20-year lasting warranty that covers the cost of getting new shingles and labor expenses may be a better option than a 50-year lasting warranty that only covers the shingle fees.
Examine the duration of the warranty, the specific work covered, and the cost of each; note that many policies cover only the depreciated cost of your roofing. Thus, the older your roof is, the less cash the company will pay you for getting a new one. 

Also, check if your warranty can be transferred to a new buyer. If you put your house for sale, a roof warranty can be a large plus to a new buyer. In most cases, costlier shingles come with more extensive and long-lasting warranties. Consider this together with its performance before you make your purchase. 

What If I Install Solar Panels

Solar units are rising in popularity and if you are thinking of getting them to your roof, examine the warranty of any shingle type you are thinking of getting first before installing the new panels to ensure that they won’t cancel your warranty. You should also check if your solar panel provider covers the warranty as well. If you wish to replace your shingles with solar ones, like a Tesla’s Solar Roof, you’ll likely have to sit and wait as these are not widely available in most areas of the nation.